Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On dealing with people

I consider this a basic summation of what I believe when it comes to people.

This is what is:
Their Nature
Their Meaning & Path
Their Expectations
Their Hopes & Dreams
Their Quality
Their Health (of Heart and Mind)

If they are someone you care about, you must find out what they are, and if you cannot, you cannot trust them. When you know what they are:
If they are not in health, you never ignore them, no matter the trouble.
If they are of the best quality, you never abandon them, no matter the cost.
You never ask them to betray their nature, no matter the utility in doing so.
You never demand they forget their own meaning, no matter your own troubles.
You never spit on their dreams, no matter how big or small.
You meet their expectations as much as your own nature and path allow you, no matter what your dreams or expectations are.
You expect no less of them, no matter their nature, path, expectations, or dreams. Some allowance is made for health, but even then, you gauge their quality by the things they do, and the things they don't, compared to what they can.

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