Monday, November 16, 2009

Fanfare for the Common Man

It didn't occur to me until I downloaded it off iTunes that the music that I associate with the NASA project, and Apollo in particular, is called "The fanfare for the common man."

Or rather, it didn't occur to me until the first time I listened to it, and realized that it was that same music. There was a moment of connection in my mind and I checked the title to make sure, but it was no mistake.

I think it's more than appropriate. The people who were the first to see the earth itself from space, with their own eyes, weren't soldiers or conquerers, politicians or rich men. The government placed the risk, and the reward, squarely on the shoulders of scholars... and on the shoulders of men who trusted those scholars with their lives.

Godspeed, mankind. May you never stop rising above those who came before you.

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