Sunday, March 15, 2009


The entries in this blog, whether philosophy, theory, or design planning, are my own thoughts and work.  In any cases where I seem to be expounding upon said thoughts and work, I'd like to be known for my work, and as part of that, I'd dearly appreciate being credited for any use of it.

This blog may contain material which makes assertions or suggestions that I as the author am not qualified to make. Such arguments should be considered on their merits, and only within their proper contexts, and the author should not be considered an authoritative or verifiable source on such matters.

This blog may contain material which may be offensive to certain religions, philosophies, or other systems of taste or ethics.  In such cases I would be interested in knowing why it offends you, but I do not consider myself obliged to defer to you, nor to your religion, philosophy, etc.

This blog is copyright 2009-2013 Vincent Van Laak. All rights reserved, except as stated above or at the time of posting.

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